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The Longing In Me Online Bible Study Sheila Walsh

Welcome to our Online Bible Study of The Longing In Me featuring best-selling author and conference speaker Sheila Walsh! We're so glad that you've joined us. This is your home for all things related to the study so bookmark this page as you'll return each week as a new session becomes available.

Overview of The Longing In Me

As you join us each week over these next six weeks, you'll be joining hundreds others in this study as we look at the "longings" that we all share, and how they are purposed to draw us to the Lord. Along the way, our study will overlap with the life of King David from the pages of the Old Testament, an individual who also struggled with these same longings with mixed spiritual results. We're confident of this, when we finish our six weeks together with Sheila in this study, our lives will never be the same again!

Session One: Longing to Be Chosen

Session 1 will be available to view during the week of Jun 16 - Jun 22

Session Two: Longing for Protection

Session 2 will be available to view during the week of Jun 23 - Jun 29

Session Three: Longing for Control

Session 3 will be available to view during the week of Jun 30 - Jul 6

Session Four: Longing for Happiness

Session 4 will be available to view during the week of Jul 7 - Jul 13

Session Five: Longing for God's Grace

Session 5 will be available to view during the week of Jul 14 - Jul 20

Session Six: Longing for God Alone

Session 6 will be available to view during the week of Jul 21 - Jul 27

Catch-Up/Recap Week

All six sessions will be available to view during the week of Jul 28 - Aug 3. This final week of our study offering will allow you the opportunity to review any sessions you wish to, or "catch up" on any you may have missed during the series.

Come Back Each Week

Each of the video segments will be released one–by–one every Sunday morning during our study and be available to you for that entire week (through the following Saturday evening). You'll be invited to come back each week to view the latest video with thousands of others in this unique online study community. We'll have a new discussion question and new blog post for each week of the study! We know that this is a busy time of year for many of you so at the end of the study, we'll have a special "catch-up week" when you'll be able to go back and watch any videos you may have missed. We pray you are blessed by this online Bible study!


In this six-session video-based Bible study, you'll want to return to this page each week for that specific week's session (including video teaching, the accompanying blog, discussion/journaling prompts, and more). Each week's session will release as listed below and remain open for that week; with a special "catch-up" week at the end of our study when all will be available... just in case you missed any along the way, or simply want to review sessions.

Our Schedule

  • Week One: Jun 16 - Jun 22
  • Week Two: Jun 23 - Jun 29
  • Week Three: Jun 30 - Jul 6
  • Week Four: Jul 7 - Jul 13
  • Week Five: Jul 14 - Jul 20
  • Week Six: Jul 21 - Jul 27
  • Recap Week: Jul 28 - Aug 3

The Longing In Me Resources

Get the Resources You Need

We heartily recommend Sheila Walsh's best-selling book, the ancillary Study Guide, and the DVD (with all five video teaching segments included), but all are optional and not required for our study. If you do decide to purchase these excellent tools to add to your study though, we ask that you allow us to serve you with them in support of this study offering (as well as future ones). We've made arrangements to offer both the book and Study Guide at the incredible low price of just $5 each (reg. $12.99-$16.99). We're also offering the 6-Session DVD for only $14.97 (regularly $29.99)! You can get any of these resources at these special savings prices in our store or here on our website at any time during this study (sale offers end July 31, 2019).

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